Article: Petaluma City School District Has Principals, But Apparently No Principles

We should all be very concerned about how the Petaluma City School District (PCSD) arbitrarily censors important information that directly impacts the health and safety of all PCSD employees and students.

The PCSD, a branch of our local government, which by law must run its business in the open, blocked access to from its school network sometime after 12/17/13. Although The PCSD has a legal duty to protect the health and safety of its students and teachers, it decided that students and teachers should not be able to view the information at

This is wrong. The PCSD's arbitrary censorship is not unlike censorship by Communist governments. The PCSD, the very institution in charge of teaching our students American educational values — freedom of speech, open debate and tolerance for dissenting points of view — is modeling the exact opposite behavior. A 12/19/13 California Public Records Act Request uncovered the truth: an non-comprehensive and arbitrary list of 20 web sites on the blocked-site-list and no policy for deciding which web sites should end up on this list. Apparently, the PCSD, a branch of our local government, just blocks whatever they wish, whenever they wish, which has lead to arbitrary censorship. Hard to believe . . ..

Two web sites with substantially similar content are treated differently: was blocked, but was not blocked. In an attempt to cover up the PCSD's role in endangering their students' health, the PCSD blocked access to, a website that contains important information that directly impacts the health and safety of PCSD teachers and students.

Is blocking access to the site in the best interests of PCSD students and teachers? What is the PCSD trying to cover up? Is censorship of this kind even legal in California?. does not contain profane or sexually explicit content. The site contains information about how Petalumans can make simple changes to protect themselves from an unnecessary, continuous, voluntary toxic pollutant — a Class 2B Carcinogen that the PCSD voluntarily pumps into its classrooms every day.

Why does the Board of Education allow this pollution and blatant censorship to occur in our School District? Petalumans can ask the Board directly during public comment at the next School Board meetings held at 200 Douglas Street in Petaluma at 6:00 PM on Jan 14, Jan 28, Feb 11 or Feb 25.

Posted on December 19, 2013

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