Event: Dr. Devra Davis Organized an Important RF/EMF Event at SF's Commonwealth Club

The following video is the first of a series of presentations given on December 9, 2013 at San Francisco's prestigious Commonweath Club of California. Dr. Devra Davis, Founder of Environmental Health Trust, and her medical colleagues show why cell phones and other wireless devices (the very iPads, Chromebooks, tablets and laptops advocated by Bring-Your-Own-Device fans in School Districts) pose serious health risks to you, your ovaries, your sperm, your breasts, your brain and your babies. One can eliminate these risks in classrooms by using only wired connectivity and Bring-Your-Own-(wired)-Devices: Chromebooks, tablets and laptops, equipped with Micro-USB/USB-to-Ethernet adapters. Conspicuously absent from this safe BYOD list are Apple iPads, which offer no wired Ethernet connectivity option, and are therefore the most dangerous choice for any child.

I attended the event in San Francisco, spoke to Dr. Davis and shared with her the calculations behind the RF/EMF Counter; she offered to help us publish this important work. The following video suggests science-based precautionary public policy alternatives. The rest of the presentations from this Commonwealth Club event are being edited and soon will be posted to YouTube by the Ecological Options Network.

According Dr. Devra Davis, the author of Disconnect, The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, parents should set family rules covering the use of cellphones and texting:

"Many parents do not realize that tablets, mobile phones, laptops and other wireless gear send and receive microwave radiation, unless they are set on airplane mode or disconnected from the internet or wifi systems. We protect our children's brains when they ride in cars or on bikes. We also need to protect their rapidly growing brains from wireless radiation."

A new report from Common Sense Media, a child-advocacy group based in San Francisco, found that 17% of children 8 and younger use mobile devices daily, up from 8% in 2011.

"You would not hand your child a cigar or a martini. You should not give them a two-way microwave radiating device that has never been tested for safety," warns Dr. Davis.

Professor Hugh Taylor, Chairman of Obstetrics/Gynecology at Yale Medical School agreed,

"As a research scientist and physician who studies how microwave radiation affects the outcomes of pregnancy, I am deeply concerned about growing exposures to cell phone and other wireless radiation. As a father, I applaud the American Academy of Pediatricians for advising families to come up with their own media plans to set limits on the uses of these devices in the home."

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) urges parents to make sure they read the cellphone/tablet/devices safety manuals to find the minimum distance that the device must be kept away whenever it is in use and also when it is in stand-by mode. Keeping it closer than the designated distance can result in a violation of the FCC Exposure Limit.

"Whenever you must give your child a device to play with, keep it on airplane mode. It's important to safeguard your children during the two hours allotted for play with these devices. The goal is to protect our children's growing brains and bodies from harm," advises Dr. Davis.

Petalumans can make simple, low cost changes to protect themselves from an unnecessary, continuous, voluntary toxic pollutant — a Class 2B Carcinogen that the Petaluma City School District voluntarily pumps into its classrooms every day. Why does the Board of Education allow this pollution to occur in our School District? Petalumans can ask the Board directly during public comment at the next School Board meetings held at 200 Douglas Street in Petaluma at 6:00 PM on Jan 14, Jan 28, Feb 11 or Feb 25.

Posted on December 14, 2013

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