Background Why This is Important to All Families

We need to reduce our families' exposures to RF/EMF microwave radiation.
Duration of exposure, not intensity, is the most important factor.

This is reported in this 4/8/14 expert testimony and in the the accompanying slide notes.

I seek no publicity or personal gain. I just want to make it safer all the teachers and children in the Petaluma School District. I have not earned anything from my RF/EMF education efforts. I am donating my time.

I have studied the problem of RF/EMF exposure and its solutions thoroughly over the last three years and have taken some very easy, low cost steps to protect my family, based on what I have learned. I have a degree from an Ivy League university in Biology & Medicine and have read many of the scientific papers. I also received advanced training on metering and mitigating RF/EMF from the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology. I have met with and spoken directly to senior officials at the FCC, OSHA and NCRP to gain a full understanding our RF/EMF federal maximum public exposure guidelines and the scientific basis for these guidelines.

I am pro-technology. I have worked in open source software for the last 20 years and am generally an early-adopter of most technologies. I, however, learned, first-hand, that our bodies cannot withstand continuous doses of the electrical energy in RF/EMF without consequences: chronic, low-power exposure to RF/EMF creates many problems for our body's own electrical communication mechanisms, leading to illness and cancer. This is well-documented in the scientific literature, if you choose to read it.

This should all be common knowledge, by now, but objective, independent science is being drowned out by massive public relations and marketing efforts, primarily by cell phone companies: they earn $180 Billion a year off of us, and the US Government nets $30 Billion in taxes to rent the transmission frequencies to these companies. Wi-fi is just tagging along for the ride, but it's exactly the same stuff: same antennas, similar frequencies, similar power densities.If you believe wireless connectivity, in any form, is safe, you are being duped. Our bodies are clearly telling us otherwise.

We have to listen to independent scientists more than industry scientists, who have an obvious conflict of interest. No one is looking out for the health of your kids, really. Not the federal government, not the state government and certainly not the Petaluma City School District. That job falls to you.

My next-door neighbor and I were the same age when we got our first cell phones back in 1992, but our choices and outcomes were completely different. Steve Terrel, a Petaluma high graduate, was in medical sales and used his cell phone a lot for his job: driving around, making calls and closing many deals over the next ten years.

I started down the same path, but after the first three months, a haircut revealed a bald spot over my ear — right where I always held my phone. I stopped using that cell phone immediately and didn't get another cell phone for ten years.

Ten Years Later, Where Did We End Up?
Steve, unfortunately, died of a brain tumor in 2002, caused by his cell phone — one of the many such documented cases around the world. I am writing this web site to help you understand the dangers of too much RF/EMF in our lives and in our children's lives.

In the last five years, I have lost four friends to cancer between the ages of 37 to 56 — all of them non-smokers, all of them working in and around wireless technology. Something is up and science is reporting about it daily.

Susan Clarke's Expert Testimony, Presented to the Petaluma City Schools District Board Members On 4/8/14

Susan Clarke was for 10 years a Research Assistant the Harvard School of Public Health, from which she holds a certificate in Health and Human Rights. In her area of expertise, radio-frequency radiation bio-effects, she has quantitatively reviewed the scientific literature.

>>> Start of Susan Clarke's script

Thank you for your kind welcome. I regret I am unable to get to Petaluma this evening. I present here solely matters of substance: well-established scientific facts.

Liability shall exist for any mischaracterization of my remarks as matters of 'concern' or as anything less than substantive.

In public health science, we consider two aspects of bio-effects magnitude:

- the Agent, in this case radio-frequency / microwave radiation, and
- the Recipients, or exposed organisms, in this case, children, teachers and other occupants in schools equipped with wi-fi.

Many factors contribute to the magnitude of biological effects resulting from exposure to RF / microwave radiation.  Here I discuss only direct bio-effects, not secondary effects from heating.

Duration, for example, can influence bio-effects more powerfully than can exposure intensity. Modulation, wavelength and the complexity of the radiation microenvironment have similarly potent influence in increasing bio-effects.

For Recipients, here, exposed humans in schools, we consider not just vulnerability and susceptibility, as you would expect, but also levels of consensuality or choice in these persons’ exposure situation.  Whether exposure to a harmful agent is voluntary, semi-voluntary, or coerced, will influence the resulting bio-effects, with coercive circumstances producing more harm.

In the massive RF bio-effects literature, inclusive of well over 20,000 studies from the 1920s to the present, duration pops out as a most important factor. Even where exposure intensities are millions of times lower than FCC guidelines, where duration is constant, and continues over days and years, harmful effects are concluded.

By contrast to cell phone usage, which may be intermittent, and generally does not occur overnight, wifi is on 24-7, constantly throughout a school day and often by night at home.  Such chronic RF exposure is then multiplied by many days and years, producing with certainty harmful effects in exposed populations. Chronic exposure is consistent in showing adverse effects in the scientific literature.

Wi-fi wavelengths include that of the microwave oven, 2.45 GHz, or about 5". This wavelength was chosen to maximize efficiency of cooking by way of maximized radiation absorption.  Additional wavelengths near 2" are also present in Petaluma schools’ wi-fi.  These wavelengths maximize radiation absorption in body parts with dimensions of about 1-10”.  Here’s why:

SLIDE 6: Wavelength Text
As a wavelength approaches body-part size, the absorption in that body part increases exponentially, toward resonance, where the body part acts as an antenna.

Water content in human, animal and plant bodies makes all living organisms quite literal sponges for centimeter or inch-size radiation.

Because living cells are slightly polarized, the cell itself is moved by exposure to RF radiation, as proven by the Temple U. Biophysics Lab. Such unnatural movement impairs the call’s capacity to divide properly.

MODULATION involves the manipulation of a wave, in this case, its chopping up, if you will, into short bursts, or pulses, of radiation.

Everyone is familiar with FM and AM radio:  FM means “frequency modulation”.
AM means “amplitude modulation”, where information is coded on a wave by way of higher and lower intensities.

Pulse-modulation, used for Wi-Fi, is a form of AM, but more harmful, because it alternates intensity with zero amplitude, or silence between the pulses, resulting in more intense spikes of radiation. These interfere with brain and cardiac function.  As an aside, pulse-modulation has been used for decades by militaries for torture.

Pulse-modulation is extremely xenobiotic, or foreign to life. An RF researcher from Washington State U goes so far as to say that PM radiation exists nowhere else in the entire universe.

Where the microenvironment involves radiation sources in addition to wi-fi, such as tablets, cell phones, nearby towers, and so on, the radiation interaction is extremely complex. In this case, bio-effects are not merely additive, but rather multiplicative and exponential.  Moreover, other types of exposures, such as to heavy metals and maintenance and cosmetic chemicals, even from a person’s past, will synergize with RF radiation to increase the hazard and bio-effects.

The most vulnerable populations are the young, the old, and the ill and impaired. The most susceptible individuals are those with preexisting conditions, a family inheritance or genetic predisposition to ill health or impairment, prior exposures to EMR and toxic chemicals, and electronic medical device usage.

Let me qualify here that these terms do NOT merely infer increased risk, but rather harm above and beyond that of the general public.  Harm from RF occurs in all persons, by some decrement. For example, every person experiences melatonin suppression from RF radiation. But vulnerable/susceptible people incur greater and different damages than others.

In public health science, we note a phenomenon called the “healthy worker effect”.  Workers who do not perceive immediate harm from a hazardous agent with which they work continue to stay at the job; while others, who have more immediate or short-term symptoms, either leave or end up terminated.  Similarly, the “healthy user effect” applies to cell phone users, who continue to use, even after they learn about harm from phones, because they do not experience immediate symptoms. This effect results in an illusion of safety.

Those persons who initially seem more susceptible, and who have a choice to remove themselves from hazardous exposure, end up healthier in the long run.  Where people are forced, occupationally or in school, to be exposed to hazards, there is little to do except to leave the situation.

SLIDE 11:  Text re choice
Limbic kindling is a neurologic condition where, either by EMR/F or chemical exposure, the brainwave acquires spikes that lead toward seizures or seizure-like symptoms, attention deficit and other cognitive impairments.  Those who have some limbic kindling will experience more immediate symptoms from RF radiation.

Where many or all parameters are set so as to maximize harm from RF radiation, weapons-grade radiation results.  In the case of school wi-fi, there is not only significant exposure intensity, as these measurements and this excellent analysis thereof show, but also maximized DURATION, with WAVELENGTHS that maximize absorption in the brain, heart, thyroid and genitalia, with most harmful PULSE-MODULATION, in an extremely COMPLEX radiation microenvironment.

This maximally hazardous, weapons-grade radiation is then deployed upon the most vulnerable populations and susceptible individuals, by coercion and without freedom even to move away temporarily from exposure.

The conditions in which wi-fi is deployed in schools, then, ensure harm including early death to all, with intense suffering to some.


All parameters are set to produce maximum harm with school wifi.

I leave you with questions to ponder. Thank you for your kind attention.



>>> end of Susan Clarke's script

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