Actions What We Can Do to Protect our Children

Create A Safe Learning Environment For All Students

To protect the long-term health of Petaluma City School District students and teachers.

  1. Immediately turn off wireless access points in classrooms where students are not using them.
  2. Eliminate the sources of RF/EMF on PCSD campuses — as many as we can.
  3. Download, print and fill out this non-consent form and submit it to your School Principal and to Superintendent Steve Bolman.
  4. Ask your Principal to fulfill his/her legal duty to provide a safe learning environmentan environment that we are highly-certain is safe, not one that your Principal is guessing might be safe.
  5. Tell the Board of Education you want them to fix this problem as soon as possible, during public comment at 2014 School Board Meetings.

Build the Organization

To create a team willing to research, educate others and influence policy.

  1. Spread the word at local, state and national levels.
  2. We need bilingual speakers to translate the text into Spanish.
  3. We can train parents how to properly meter RF/EMF environments and help others create safe RF/EMF environments in their homes and schools.
  4. If you can help, then please contact us.

Eiminate all of the sources of wireless signals in your home. You can unplug from the electrical outlet or, better yet, remove the following items. A professional RF/EMF Analyzer will help you find all the RF sources in your home; you will be amazed how many household items emit RF/EMF 24 hours a day.

Eliminate wireless internet routers or access points; instead, use a wired router without a wireless antenna or at least a router that allows you to turn the antenna off. You must also remember to disable the 'wireless option' on your computer or tablet. That is usually done by setting its Airplane mode on/Antennas off.

Convince your neighbors to do the same or at least to turn off their wireless routers at night when everyone is sleeping, which protects your family from 8 hours of needless radiation every night.

Disable wireless functions on televisions, settop boxes, speakers and headphones; instead, use safe wired versions. Streaming a YouTube video or a movie wirelessly is perhaps the worst choice one could make: 90-120 minutes of pulsed data flowing through your family's brains and bodies on the way to the screen. This is the ultimate high tech/low intelligence choice.

Remove cordless telephones that have separate handsets and base stations: they broadcast wireless radiation 24 hours a day, whether you are making a call or not. Instead use $20 corded handsets.

Do not use wireless gaming systems/controllers; instead, use wired versions.

Uninstall wireless security systems, including baby monitors; instead, use a wired one or none at all.

Stop using the microwave oven: they all leak radiation 150+ feet and destroy the nutrients in your food; instead use the stove or a toaster oven for a few minutes longer.

Get rid of your Smart Meter: sign up for PG&E's opt-out program and have them remove your Electric and Gas Smart Meters. These poorly designed devices make the equivalent 10,000 to 200,000 cell phone calls from the side of your house every day. The signals penetrate your living space 24 hours a day. The extra $60-$120 additional cost per year for the opt-out program is very inexpensive health insurance; cancer treatments are much more expensive and inconvenient.

Use a corded land line for all calls longer than 30 seconds.

Use your cell phone sparingly: only for a few minutes an hour, when absolutely needed.

Use your cell phone as a portable answering machine, instead of an always-connected device. You can keep your cell phone with its Airplane mode on/Antennas off for 99% of the time and set an alarm to remind you to turn Airplane mode off/Antennas on for a few minutes to check voicemail and texts, return calls and texts, look up some information and then again turn its Airplane mode on/Antennas off. Doing so has the added benefits of extending battery life and avoiding constant interruptions in your day.

When making a call, texting or surfing the web, hold the phone at least 18-24" away from any important part of your body: your head, your torso or your lap. This requires using speaker phone mode or a wired head set — definitely not a wireless bluetooth head set.

Before you hand a phone or tablet to a child, please set its Airplane mode on/Antennas off. This means that when a child is using the device, they are not being exposed to dangerous wireless radiation.

Don't carry your phone in your pocket/bra or clipped to a belt when the phone is set in Airplane mode off/Antennas on. It is only safe to carry the phone or tablet anywhere on your body when the phone is set in Airplane mode on/Antennas off.

Don't give your kids a cell phone of their own, until they can make adult decisions. Handling a phone safely takes awareness and discipline that most children and teenagers do not yet have.

Whenever a phone or tablet has its Airplane mode off/Antennas on, the device is silently making calls or sending out beacon signals on its own. As you are driving down the road, the device is seeking the nearest cell tower. If it gets too far from one tower, it sends out a powerful signal to find another and will continue to do so until it has found one. As you drive, this process repeats over and over.

The RF/EMF radiation enters through the windshields and windows and then bounces off the metal roof, body and floor of the vehicle, reflecting itself back towards all of the passengers, multiplying the radiation's effects 3-5x.

Don't use the blue tooth function in your car. Wait until you can pull over, stop the car, step outside and give your full attention to the call or text.

What's the perfect reflector of RF/EMF? An enclosed metal space, like a plane, train, bus or automobile.

The RF/EMF radiation enters through the windshields and windows and then bounces off the metal roof, body and floor of the vehicle, reflecting itself back towards all of the passengers, multiplying the radiation's effects 3-5x.

This problem is now compounded by many planes, trains and buses offering wi-fi services while in transit. Stay as far away as possible from someone who is streaming a movie wirelessly to their laptop or iPad.

Convince nearby passengers to turn off their wireless devices during the trip.

We don't allow smoking on planes for obvious reasons; we shouldn't allow RF/EMF for the same obvious reasons.

Mom was right. A good night's sleep is critical to good health. What she didn't know is what researchers have now discovered: melatonin, a natural hormone produced in the part of our brains that controls vision, is our most effective cancer-fighting agent. It is only produced at night, in the dark, in a quiet RF/EMF environment. That is why night-shift work is a know carcinogen and why wireless routers should not be on all night long. To mitigate chronic RF/EMF exposures, you need to eliminate RF/EMF from the places where you spend most of your time: in your bed, at work/school and at home.

Create a sleep sanctuary in your bedrooms: unplug, from the wall, all electrical devices at night or, better yet, turn off the circuit breakers to the bedrooms. Make sure no wireless devices are on in your bedroom.

Get your children's schools to turn off their wireless routers/devices and depend on their wired Ethernet network and wired devices, instead.

Do the same for your workplace.

If you can see a cell tower from your house or live within 1000' of one, then you should consider contacting a professional to have your indoor/outdoor environments metered and shielded as necessary.

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