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Did You Know . . .

Students in Petaluma City Schools are being exposed to total cumulative Radio Frequency ElectroMagnetic Fields (RF/EMF) microwave radiation at levels 8x higher than our federal maximum public exposure guideline every day.

Despite being made aware, in Spring 2013, of the scientific evidence for health effects caused by RF/EMF microwave radiation exposure, the Petaluma City School District (PCSD) School Board, Superintendent and Principals have done nothing to correct this unsafe condition. Instead, they continue to make matters worse.

This web site was created by a parent of a student in the district who cares about the health and safety of all of our students and teachers. If the health and safety of our students and teachers is more important than the District's convenience, then we will have to change the District's current technology plans and practices — to protect our students and teachers.


Exceedingly high levels of RF/EMF microwave radiation in school classrooms produce hazardous environments for students and teachers, alike, impeding learning and undermining health generally. The easy solution? Send internet traffic through wires instead of through the air and our children's brains and bodies.

What Should We Do?

To protect your children, wire them and then turn off all sources of RF/EMF microwave radiation in the classroom. You can take these effective actions to protect the long-term health of your families and our public school employees:

  1. Immediately turn off wireless access points in classrooms where students are not using them.
  2. Eliminate the sources of RF/EMF on PCSD campuses — as many as we can.
  3. Download, print and fill out this non-consent form and submit it to your School Principal and to Superintendent Steve Bolman.
  4. Ask your Principal to fulfill his/her legal duty to provide a safe learning environmentan environment that is verifiably safe, not one that your Principal is guessing might be safe.
  5. Tell the Board of Education you want them to fix this problem now. You can make public comments at 2014 School Board Meetings.

The Petaluma City Schools Board members have ignored mountains of scientific information, sat on their hands and allowed the total cumulative RF/EMF microwave radiation exposure to exceed our federal guidelines many times: total cumulative RF/EMF microwave radiation exposure that is over 1,000 times higher than the FCC's adult maximum public exposure guideline, so far, in the 2013-2014 school year.

Learn More About the Dangers of Wireless Signals

In all things wireless, you want to play it safe with your kids: you want as little as possible, which makes the use of always-on wi-fi and wireless devices in classrooms inappropriate and downright dangerous. Microwave radiation pulsing to and from wireless devices cause DNA breaks, causes the blood-brain barrier to leak toxins from the bloodstream into the brain and causes cells to release highly reactive free radicals into the body's interstitial fluid — which are pre-cursors for tumors.

Compared to an adult brain, a five-year-old’s brain, is encased in a thinner skull and contains more fluid, which makes the child's brain a very effective antenna for RF/EMF. According to studies carried out by industry modelers in Switzerland and France, the bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs 10 times more radiation than that of an adult, while that of infants and toddlers will absorb even more. The radiation from wi-fi and cell phones is virtually identical and equally dangerous. You can read more about this here, here and here. A comprehensive set of links is here.

Board Member Comments Before They Voted 3-0 to Approve the PCSD 2013-2018 Technology Plan:

Michael Baddeley, 6/11/13 Board Meeting Video @ 2:24:15: "We understand we have a safety component we have to address. Jane says [the plan] is kind of a work in progress. I am willing to get started, as long as it is continually revisited as new information comes up, as we learn . . . we may choose to do some hard-wiring, but we need to manage [our wireless], airplane mode or whatever. We don't want to expose anyone unnecessarily. So why not? We need to stay on top of that."
Sheri Chlebowski, 6/11/13 Board Meeting Video @ 2:25:25: "I don't want to personally approve this [plan] and move forward and never revisit any of this. I am definitely going to be held accountable with this information now, and so we are going to need further education on why we are doing it or not doing it so I just need to put it out there that this can't be the last time that we are going to be revisiting these issues.

There are some things that he mentioned that I am particularly interested in, particularly the safety, the second part of safety versus how you use the internet and some of the issues he has put forth. Maybe we can talk about that together some more."

The Evidence Petaluma City School District Record

Dates       Key Events/Activities in 2013
Feb 21 Mtg. w/Mr. Rose & Mr. Cole re: evidence of RF/EMF health effects
Mar 5 Email from Mr. Rose: despite evidence, PCSD will expand wi-fi
Mar 6 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: school tour
Mar 25 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: scientific evidence of RF/EMF health effects
Apr 15 Mtg. w/Mr. Bolman re: scientific evidence of RF/EMF health effects
Apr 22 Email from Mr. Bolman: despite evidence, PCSD will expand wi-fi
May 14 Presentation to Valley Vista School Council re: dangers of wi-fi
May 14 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: dangers of wi-fi
May 28 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: other countries removing wi-fi
June 11 PCSD Brd. Mtg.: spoke about dangers and high cost of tech plan
Dangerous 2013-2018 Technology Plan approved 3-0 by School Board.
June 21 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: non-consent to expose children to RF/EMF
June 25 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: opposing bylaw change
June 26 PCSD refuses to measure RF/EMF in MCCV kindergarten room
June 26 Mr. Bolman sends letter telling us to find another school/district
July 16 MCCV Principal Carvey refuses to turn off WAP in kindergarten room
Aug 6 PCSD communicates it installed 10 WAPS on Valley Vista campus
Aug 7-19 Mr. Bolman/Ms. Kleinholz illegally block access to public records
Aug 20 Mr. Bolman releases report of RESIG magnetic field metering
Aug 21 Filed non-consent for exposing children to RF/EMF at Valley Vista
Aug 22 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz: metered 17,500 µW/m² in VV kindergarten room
Sept 10 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: metering & FCC/OSHA analysis
Nov 6 Presentation at Mary Collins at Cherry Valley School
Nov 12 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: negligence of board members
Nov 22 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: reasons for not turning off WAP in kindergarten.
She provided no reasons and refused to discuss the matter.
Dec 11 Launch of web site

What Has The School Board Done Since 6/11/13?

The School Board members are accountable, yet there is no evidence they have made any progress on addressing the important RF/EMF health and safety issues. What are they waiting for?

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